I used to have reviews before until I requested to be delisted as this sort of review system lends itself to haters, women in this business, who tries to compete with you and hating you to be more successful , they open chats online, pretending to be a clients , to make people talking or they write a fake revenge review trying to ruin you and your livelihood (we all need to eat ).
The biggest amount of hater’s attacks get high end providers , no wonder why . You will find many of today’s modern high end models are no longer participating in any review system .

I’m a human being.I am not perfect. I am not for everyone & that’s ok!But I do try to present a fair representation of myself. I try to create an accurate picture of who I am as I want for everyone to be happy & no surprises for either of us. Trust me, I want to have just as much fun as you do. I am constantly working on myself, doing 3-4 new photoshoots per year,I regularly update video gallery on my website uploading recent videos with my body, I have my lifestyle blog on Twitter with 135000 followers where I post everyday my pictures, selfies, videos, gifts and dates with my clients, and chat with my followers.It is your choice to read & see what I have presented to you for you to decide whether or not you would like to spend some time with me. Thanks for your time and looking forward to meet.

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